Sample Private Label Manufacturing Agreement

Similarly, Pierre Fabre CDMO is proud to support partners from the very beginning of product development. “Cooperation takes place at every stage of the process: from development and scal-up to industrial manufacturing,” Macarez said. Our partners benefit not only from our specific technology, but also from our reputation, know-how and quality processes. » How do you want a reputable company to sell your product under its own label? It may not be as hard as you think. While licensing seems like a good option for inventors and entrepreneurs, landing remains that license stores remain elusive for many, but private label agreements can be almost as advantageous and are much easier to craft. A private label sales agreement is when you manufacture the product and then another company buys your product and sells it under its own label. It happens all the time, most people don`t realize it. It is expensive for companies to develop new products, so often, instead of developing complementary products or products that do not earn millions, companies either licensing them or selling them on a private label basis to save money in product development. Your first-year goals are, first, to ensure that your product`s selling and marketing expenses are first-class and, second, to connect with influential business contacts and end users. The success and perseverance of your deal will increase if you are better known to the people who deal with the product. As soon as you`re ready to talk to one or more companies about a private label agreement, ask your key contacts if they could help you arrange a meeting with the right people in the company. .

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