Getting Out Of Vehicle Purchase Agreement

Section 158 sets out the orders that a court may make in proceedings for breach of the ACL &FTA, in order to compensate for the loss or damage suffered. These include orders to pay money to the buyer or to declare or modify an ancillary contract or agreement (for example. B a financing contract). Section 159 allows buyers to bring an action in a court or VCAT for loss or damage caused by a breach of the ACL &FTA. Section 160 gives a court the power to compensate for humiliation or hardship suffered as a result of conduct that constitutes an offence under the ACL &FTA. Since the termination of a car purchase contract comes with a penalty under Section 43 of the MCT Act (i.e. the dealer retains a small portion of the purchase price), you must indicate in your notification letter whether you have any other reasons for resigning. This shows the car dealer that you are aware of your right to terminate the contract. In this situation, the hearing may lead to the termination of the contract without penalty. The ACL&FTA allows buyers to bring an action with VCAT in the event of a breach of the ACL. .

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