Fidic Subcontractor Agreement

Aisha Nadar, FIDIC Board Member for the Contract Committee, said: “FIDIC is known and respected for its fair and balanced contracts, and the new design construction sub-contract is no exception. The contractor`s rights under the main contract as well as the obligations are transferred to the subcontractor. The general conditions of subcontracting are established on the basis of pay-when-paid, which is the most common commercial agreement between contractors and subcontractors in general – but not pay-if-paid. The subcontractor does not lose its right to payment if it turns out that the employer does not pay the contractor under the main contract. In short, subcontracting must operate in the usual base of back-to-back and it is not surprising that the subcontract provides for a direct full deduction of risks, with the subcontractor taking over the obligations and obligations of the contractor under the main contractor for the subcontracting work. This includes an opportunity requirement for all design work, which is not included in the 1994 version. The Contractor retains responsibility for the coordination and project management of the main works, including the coordination of all other sets of subcontracting works. While the Subcontractor is required to cooperate with all other subcontractors employed by the Contractor, it is the Contractor`s responsibility to do the same for other subcontractors. .