Dod Renewal Agreement Travel

Forward: like military personnel when a civilian agrees to spend another mission abroad (either in the same place or elsewhere), he or she can travel to his or her hometown (HOR). For most commands, an “alternate location” is listed. Pet Travel Pet travel are the same as for military personnel. There is a misunderstanding that DOD civilians are entitled to the transportation of pets at government expense. However, this is not true, the JTR allows a DOD civilian some reimbursement for the cost of transporting pets. Aerial Port Entry: No availability date requirement, but travel orders may require it to travel at a given time. Travel orders should be checked to determine if a travel date is indicated. Forward: Civilian personnel working for the Ministry of Defense are treated in the same way as military personnel with minor differences. The travel rules and rules applicable to doD civilian personnel are governed by the Joint Travel Regulations. Orders placed more than six months old must be verified and approved by SACOR/TO prior to ticket issuance.

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