Client Care Agreement

Until your case is resolved, it is extremely important that you have securely retained all documents, photos, reports, computer/data files and documents that might be relevant in one way or another in your case. It is equally important for the proper handling of your case that we can consult these documents, files and documents as quickly as possible. If you have not yet done so, please let us know what points, if any, you have as soon as possible. Once your case is over, an important question is what to do with all legal documents (court documents, contracts, property and rental documents, etc.) and your file documents (correspondence copies, file notes, etc.). You have all the relevant legal and file documents on your file. The only folder documents you don`t have are those we created for our own internal use when processing your file, or copies that we must legally back up. When your case ends, you should consider taking possession of your legal documents and file documents. We advise you to do so, as we cannot keep your file indefinitely. We will keep your file for up to 5 or 12 years for the disputed cases. However, please note that security/storage issues may at some point require us to electronically copy all old files and discard physical versions after copying. This agreement gives us the power to automatically destroy your legal documents and file documents without discussing them with you.

It is very important that once your case is complete, you ask yourself if you would like to take your documents and file documents with you (we can keep an electronically scanned version). If you decide to leave them with us, you can request them at any time, subject to the maximum five-year conservation policy mentioned above and the possibility that we have kept only scanned copies, not the originals. We reserve the right to keep and record copies of all returned documents and file documents. If it is necessary to obtain papers or other storage items in connection with continuous or new instructions to act on your behalf, we do not normally collect a fee for receiving them. However, in other circumstances, we may charge a fee based on the time and cost of consulting and transmitting your stored documents and records. We can also pay for the reading of the correspondence and any other work that is needed to respond to your instructions on this subject. You must pay all postage or transportation costs before we send you your files. Please note that it may take up to 14 business days before your stored documents and/or folder documents are retrieved. Please also note that we do not offer a secure deposit service. Scanned documents are kept as a relevant file for your reference number, either in a safely locked “Hub” or “Cloud” storage function.