Blet Southern Agreement

This agreement is concluded between the airlines listed on the signature page below (hereinafter referred to as NSR) and the Brotherhood of Engineers and Locomotive Drivers (hereinafter referred to as BLET) on this first day of September 2008, for reasons of simplicity. View Agreement PDF Q&A View Agreement PDF Side Letters and Personal Vacations View Agreement PDF August 1, 2008 NS Proposed Agreement As communicated by the President General at the base on August 1, 2008. View Agreement PDF July 30, 2008 Update of Agreement Here is a copy of the preliminary agreement with Article XIV, which has been reproduced with the omitted paragraphs. To prevent the signature page from being shared, Anne had to change the distance throughout the document so that things didn`t appear in the same places as before, but nothing else was changed but to add the rest of Article XIV. Sorry for the error.