Arms Control Agreement

(Following a long-standing precedent, “Long-Range” in this context means a range of at least 600 kilometers.) Starting in 2017, Russia put Kinzhal, a dual-use ALBM with an alleged range of up to 2,000 kilometers, Meanwhile, the United States is developing conventional ALBGMs with a range of about 1,000 kilometers.19 The use of these weapons on non-responsible bombers, especially on Russia`s Tu-22M (Backfire) medium bombers and transformed heavy us. The B-1B and B-52H bombers would be problematic. Of course, this approach would not preclude separate negotiations aimed at softening other security concerns. On the contrary, the successful conclusion and implementation of a follow-up contract would help to create a better environment for them. Meanwhile, Russia has long been concerned about strategic conventional weapons (or strategic-range conventional weapons) and has tried to involve the United States in discussions about its arms control. In fact, Moscow`s position seems to be that, under New START, a new type of strategic offensive arm could be nuclear or not.