An Agreement Or Promise With God

“When men and women go to the temple, they are both endowed with a power that, by definition, is a priestly power. … Talent is literally a gift of power.┬áIn this week`s Torah part, Jacob begins his long journey, both physical and mental, from home and family. Shortly after leaving the homeland, Jacob`s God appears in a dream and presents the image of the scale from heaven to earth. God speaks to Jacob and promises him protection, posterity and the country he was on. A contract, like any contract, has two parties and both parties must fulfill their obligations to the treaty. Thus, if Jacob, alone in the wilderness, has his first theophan, his first personal encounter with God, then he serves to re-establish the covenant with this new generation. Ramban (Moses Ben Nahmanides) also reads it a little differently. It translates “not as “if” but as “when.” If all these conditions are met, there can be no doubt that the Lord is God. This is why the passage is not conditional, but a vow that Jacob, after his return to his homeland, fulfilling God`s promise, will erect a monument to the worship of God. The royal alliance was concluded with David (2 Sam 7).

She promised to establish her dynasty forever, while acknowledging that her original royal promises had been given to the ancestor of the entire nation, Abraham. Jacob made a vow and said: If God stays with me, if he protects me on this path that I make, and gives me bread to eat and clothes to dress me, and if I return safely to my Father`s house, the Lord will be my God. (Genesis 28:20-22) In general, Christians believe that the New Covenant was introduced at the Last Supper as part of the Eucharist, which contains the New Commandment in the Gospel of John. A link between the blood of Christ and the New Covenant is seen in most modern English translations of the New Testament[21] with the proverb: “This cup that is poured for you is the new covenant in my blood.” [22] Supplied by KOLEL-The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning, affiliated with the Canadian reform movement. Jacob continues to travel to Haran, where he meets and loves his cousin Rachel, the daughter of his mother`s brother Laban. Jacob arranges with Laban to work for seven years to marry Rachel. But Laban, who has a dubious reputation, replaces her eldest daughter Leah with Rachel on the night of her wedding. Jacob confronts Laban, but ironically, it is said that the eldest has a precedent towards the youngest. Jacob agrees to work for Rachel for another seven years. The infamous story of the prophet with the talking donkey shows the consciousness of the Bible that the power of prophecy was not limited to Israeli seers. The Quran also tells how God cursed the children of Israel and let them suffer, because they had broken the covenant[Koran 4:155][Coran 5:13], and he mentions other covenants, such a prophetic covenant with the Israelites in Qur`an 3:81, the covenants of Noah and Abraham in the Quran 33:7, and in Quran 5:14 and Koran 7:169, an alliance that was made with the successors of Jesus (apparently quite different) , as Christians interpret) who also did not observe it according to their own desires.