Akaitcho Interim Measures Agreement

The purpose of land deprivation is to protect the land of interest to Akaitcho from sale, lease or other assignment during the ongoing negotiations. This means that it is not possible to create new interests in the remote areas until an Akaitcho agreement is concluded. It also ensures that all existing interests in such land will be protected during the withdrawal period. Although, as the map shows, the removed areas are not definitive and may evolve as part of the negotiation process, the current use of the country could change once a final agreement has been reached. An agreement on interim measures was signed on 28 June 2001, providing for a pre-screening procedure allowing the ADFN to examine applications for licences, permits and land orders. An interim set-aside protocol was concluded in November 2005. On November 2, 2006, the GNWT and ADFN agreed to the temporary removal of Commissioner`s Land`s 1,034 hectares of land in the City of Yellowknife. On November 21, 2007, Canada and the ADFN agreed to the provisional withdrawal of 62,000 km2 of Crown (now territorial) land from the traditional territory claimed by the ADFN. Applicants for land use permits and water licences are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations governing land and water use and waste disposal in the Mackenzie Valley.

The resources area of our website is intended to provide useful and accurate information to all stakeholders. If you have useful content ideas, please contact Shalyn Norrish at 867-765-4585 or by email. The communal boundary, which affects the City of Yellowknife and La Dene First Nation (YKDFN), is part of the AIP process. The YKDFN found that it was requesting an adaptation of the communal boundary between the City of Yellowknife and Dettah/Ndilo for the purposes of the municipality`s growth and rural development. Currently, Ndilo is located within the border of the municipality of Yellowknife as well as in other areas important to YKDFN. The City of Yellowknife is also working with YKDFN to support YKDFN`s long-term growth while projecting Yellowknife`s land needs. . Who are the parties to the negotiations? The ADFN, the Government of Canada and the GNWT. Akaitcho Dene First Nations is the representative body of the Yellow Virgin First Nation (Dettah and Ndilo), Lutsel K`e Dene First Nation and Deninu K`ue First Nation. Policy Direction, Section 43, Dehcho Interim Measures Agreement, 2004 The City of Yellowknife is currently updating the 2012 Master Plan, now referred to as the Community Plan. . .